Community Safety and Emergency Alerts—Rave/Alertus

Community Safety and Emergency Alerts

Community members may utilize the Rave/Alertus Community Site to receive safety alerts.

Note: The Rave/Alertus project is progressing on an ongoing basis. When it is fully active, notifications will be made informing the community as such. However, portions of the program are already up and running and thus, you may take advantage of the current services offered.

Maricopa Emergency Management System (MEMS) and Rave Guardian

Along with the automatic Maricopa Community Colleges notification system (MEMS Alerts), the Rave Guardian app is also currently available to all (optional, but strongly encouraged). These systems/apps, which are already in place, alert students, faculty, and staff of a safety issue related to the college/campus of which individuals are associated. (Through the MEMS Alerts, individuals are automatically enrolled to receive safety messages when an incident occurs or a safety notification is issued for a college/campus where they are affiliated.)

Alerts Also Available for Community Members

If individual members of the community not already affiliated with a particular college/campus would like to receive notifications, those individuals may “opt in” to be notified when an incident occurs or a safety notification is issued. Examples of community members include third-party vendors conducting business with one or more of the colleges or the Maricopa Community College system as a whole, or a member of the community at large who regularly attends public events and exhibits at college/campus locations.

Additionally, current enrollees (in other words, those already in the MEMS system, such as Maricopa students and employees, or those members of the community who have already signed up for Rave/Alertus notifications) who would also like notifications from additional college/campus location(s), may also sign up for the Rave/Alertus service or modify existing options.

Register for Additional Alerts

Ensure that you don't miss safety messages in future by accessing Rave/Alertus:

  1. Go to
  2. At the upper right, select the REGISTER button.
  3. Create an account or login to your existing account.
  4. Follow the instructions to select additional sites or make modifications.

Note: You always have the option to "opt-out" of previous notification requests by modifying your account options.

Annual Campus Safety & Crime Reports

Crime reporting data for each of the Maricopa Community Colleges, as required under the Clery Act