About MEMS


Maricopa Emergency Management System (MEMS)

MEMS Alerts are issued in the event of an emergency that affects, or has the potential to affect, the safety of people and property.

This site provides essential information regarding how college communities will be notified of an emergency, the actions they must take when an incident occurs, and the importance of following official direction in the event of an emergency.

MEMS Alerts - How Will You Be Notified

In order to fully utilize the MEMS Alert system, keep your contact information updated in the appropriate system for students or employees. Be sure that especially mobile devices and email addresses are up to date to ensure you receive alerts.

For more on where/how to update your information and the types of alerts, view the MEMS Alerts Notifications page.

Current MEMS Issues

Current issues monitoring updates can be found on the Current MEMS Issues page.


In the event of an emergency the most up to date information and issued MEMS alerts will be found here.


Under the authority of the Chancellor the mission of the MEMS is to develop and implement federally compliant, district-wide plans that protect life, property, and the environment, minimizing injury and restoring mission critical business functions in the shortest and most cost effective manner. The plans will address all elements and best practices of emergency management including risk assessment, planning, mitigation, response and recovery. The MEMS Team will coordinate and provide guidance to each college and district division which will comply with the practices prescribed by the plans. Additionally, the MEMS team will support the plans through testing, training and exercises.


District Emergency Manager: 480-784-0903

District Police Department: 480-784-0900

Annual Campus Safety & Crime Reports

Crime reporting data for each of the Maricopa Community Colleges, as required under the Clery Act