Crime Awareness & Prevention

Crime Awareness & Prevention

Crime Awareness & Prevention

General Crime Prevention

Maricopa Community Colleges strives to maintain a safe and secure college environment for students, staff and visitors. Offices, laboratories and classrooms are secured when not in use and our officers who discover defective doors and locks, interior/exterior lighting problems, or other safety hazards, immediately report the situation to the appropriate college department for action. To further improve safety, the college encourages all campus community members to take an active role and immediately report any observation of a suspected crime, unusual or suspicious activity, emergency, or hazardous condition to their College police departments.

Prevention Programs

Police officers conduct presentations relating to crime prevention and safety policies during orientations and at other times, when requested by staff or students. Crime prevention materials are distributed to all incoming students.

Timely Warnings and Immediate Warnings

In the event of the identification of an on-going threat to the safety and security of the college population, the affected college police department will issue a warning. This warning may be made via posters, emails, through the college newspaper, voice notification, SMS texting, or a combination of these methods.

Upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus population, Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department will initiate the campus Mass Notification System (MNS). The MNS is capable of reaching those on campus through redundant means that may include emergency beacons, VoIP telephony, sirens, a public address system, bullhorns and/or other means available. The decision on an appropriate course of action and the type of instructions given to the campus community will be made by the campus Police Department Commander, Police Officer or other college official based upon the information available at the time. Actions may vary and may include orders to evacuate a portion of or all of the campus or to lock down in place.

Fire alarms as well as evacuation and immediate warning (MNS) systems are tested on a regular basis and at least annually.

Public Safety Updates/Daily Crime Log

The occurrence of crime considered to present a threat to members of the campus community is reported on a weekly basis (bi-weekly during the summer months) through your local police department update. Copies of the update are available in the Police Department office. The information is also provided to the college newspaper, and all college employees receive a copy through email. The update provides information on specific crime(s) that have occurred on campus and routinely contains tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Each College police department office maintains a Daily Crime Log that contains the date, time, location, nature and disposition of all crimes occurring at the college and on adjacent public property. Entries in the log are made within two business days of the incident report. Copies of the log are available to anyone requesting this information at the campus Police Department office. Requests for Daily Crime Log information older than 60 days will be provided within two business days.

Escort Service

A safety escort service is available to the students, faculty and staff by the Police Department. A member of the department will respond and accompany you to a vehicle or the bus stop closest to the campus.

Assistance for Disabled Motor Vehicles

Reasonable assistance will be provided to drivers whose motor vehicle is disabled on campus. After the driver of the vehicle prepares and signs the Vehicle Assistance form, a member of the campus Police Department will provide a battery boost or other assistance.

Safety Presentations

Members of each college Police Department office routinely provide safety presentations during class orientations. They are also available to talk to any department or groups of students. The orientations and talks are designed to educate members of the college community about the services provided and how to avoid becoming the victim of a crime at the college.

Annual Campus Safety & Crime Reports

Crime reporting data for each of the Maricopa Community Colleges, as required under the Clery Act