How to Provide Feedback


How to Provide Feedback

Provide feedback, file a complaint or compliment the actions of a member of the MCCCD Police Department:

The Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department encourages both positive and negative feedback on any aspect of the services provided by the department. Review of feedback, whether compliment or complaint, is extremely valuable. Any person, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or other status is encouraged to report official misconduct and file a complaint. Misconduct may be defined as actions or conduct, which violate state or federal law, violate District policies, administrative regulations and department standards, or generally discredit the member or the department.


It is the position of the Police Department to accept all complaints filed upon members, or policies, procedures or practices. The Department will thoroughly investigate all allegations of misconduct and will evaluate concerns about policies, procedures and practices. In this way we acknowledge our obligation to be open and transparent to the community that we serve.

Biased-Based Policing Prohibition

The Police Department prohibits biased-based policing. We embrace the wonderful diversity of our great Nation, the State of Arizona and our Colleges. Biased-based policing, including racial profiling is unethical and unacceptable. The Department will not tolerate the racial or ethnic profiling of any group and prohibits any policy, procedure or practice that constitutes profiling any person solely based on race, skin color, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation for the purposes of police contact, traffic stops or investigation.

Providing Feedback

Feedback is a valuable tool and aids the Department in evaluating processes and services that are provided. The Department encourages both positive and negative feedback. Feedback can be provided in a variety of different ways both formally and informally, through direct contact, mail, telephone or email.

Compliment the Actions of a Member of the Police Department

The men and women of the Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department are dedicated public safety professionals and strive protect our community and provide high quality service. Compliments and recognition are greatly appreciated, and may be provided in person, by mail, telephone or email.

Filing a Complaint

All complaints, including anonymous, personal knowledge, or on behalf of another person will be accepted and investigated. Complaints, concerns and other feedback may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. In person at any College police department office or at the District Police Department Headquarters.
  2. To any Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department employee
  3. By mail at: Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department 2411 W. 14th Street Tempe, Arizona 85281
  4. By telephone at: 480-784-0901


All complaints are viewed seriously by the Department and will be thoroughly investigated. A sustained complaint may result in disciplinary action against a member or members of the department. Therefore, you must ensure that your complaint is based on fact. False reporting, including offering inaccurate, misleading or slanderous information in an attempt to unjustly subject a law enforcement professional to undeserved discipline or place their employment in jeopardy may result in criminal charges or civil action by the employee.

Investigation Process

The seriousness of the complaint will determine how and who will conduct the investigation. Most complaints are investigated by the employee’s immediate supervisor. Allegations of serious misconduct or matters where there may be a conflict of interest are occasionally forwarded to another law enforcement agency for investigation.

The investigation typically begins soon after the complaint is received. The assigned investigator will interview the complainant (if known), the subject of the investigation (employee) and any available witnesses, including investigative leads. The investigator will examine any available evidence and then document the investigation in a report. The report will be reviewed by the employee’s chain of command and a final determination will be made by the Chief of the Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department, or designee.

What to Expect

Your complaint will be acknowledged as soon as practical, most often within 24-hours after submission. Unless submitted anonymously, you will be contacted by a supervisor or manager, usually within 24-hours. You will also receive official confirmation that your complaint has been received. At some point an interview will be scheduled and you will have the opportunity to provide a full description of the event or incident.

Upon conclusion and adjudication of the investigation you will be provided a brief description of the finding(s). Findings are categorized as one of the following:

  • Sustained – The employee committed all or part of the alleged act.
  • Not Sustained – The investigation produced insufficient information to prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Exonerated – The employee committed all or part of the alleged act but the act was justified, lawful and proper.
  • Unfounded – The employee did not commit the alleged act.

If a complaint is sustained against an employee, disciplinary action may range from counseling up to and including termination. State and Federal laws and personnel rules govern an employee’s privacy rights. Disciplinary action is not subject to public disclosure without a court order. You will not be notified of the type or amount of discipline administered, just the finding, as listed above.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is a legal remedy for contesting police enforcement action. Generally this concern should be addressed in court. The appeals process for Parking and Traffic Regulations Citations can be located at:

In most instances no, unless it is determined that the enforcement action was baseless, inappropriate or the result of biased-based policing.

Absolutely. You have the right to expect courteous, professional treatment by members of the Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department.

Yes. The department can accept an “Information Only” report. If the matter is resolved to your satisfaction by a department supervisor, then a formal complaint is not necessary. Citizen concerns do not necessarily result in discipline against a member of the department.

Your complaint will be taken seriously and every attempt will be made to impartially investigate the complaint. On some occasions a complaint may be categorized as Not Sustained.

You can, but in this case it would be best to encourage your friend to make the report. The Department will accept third-party complaints. However, anytime you have a general question related to law enforcement practices or contacts, please feel free to contact a Public Safety supervisor during regular business hours.

Please contact the Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department and provide as much information as you can. The Department should be able to determine who the member was with some basic information, including the date, time and actions of the department member. Compliments and positive recognition are appreciated and very rewarding.

Annual Campus Safety & Crime Reports

Crime reporting data for each of the Maricopa Community Colleges, as required under the Clery Act